Vigor IPPBX 3510




USB CSM Firewall NM

El VigorIPPBX 3510 series funciona como IP PBX, Firewall central y terminador de VPNs para multiples LAN-to-LAN o tele-workers.

Tales características y la opción de añadir diferentes tipos de módulos FXO/FXS/ISDN TE/ISDN NT a la función IPPBX aumentan las posibilidades de utilización en multiples aplicaciones y entornos empresariales. El potente Firewall y la posibilidad de hasta 32 túneles VPNs simultáneos proporciona ventajas competitivas y ayuda a aumentar la productividad.

La plataforma VigorIPPBX 3510 le permite la posibilidad de elegir entre diferentes configuraciones con módulos RDSI BRI (4 ISDN TE ó 2 TE y 2 NT ) para adaptarlo a diferentes entornos de voz, a través de un sencillo interfaz WEB de configuración puede configurar hasta 100 extensiones IP, incluso usuarios remotos pueden registrarse vía internet en el VigorIPPBX3510 integrando de esta manera la telefonia tradicional con la tecnología IP, incrementando así la conectividad, facilitando gestión de llamadas, ahorrando costes.....etc.

Las comunicaciones de voz basadas en SIP pueden ser encaminadas hacia diferentes proveedores de VoIP, la integración de módulos FXO con PBX PSTN promociona a sitios remotos la posibilidad de realizar llamadas a través de la PSTN conectada al VigorIPPBX mediante un PIN code. Estas y otras funciones como, Digit Map (Dial Plan) que permite crear reglas para las llamadas a un destino en particular con costes reducidos, funciones de voice mail que permite enviar mensajes a una cuenta de e-mail, Automated Attendant (Operadora Automatica), Music on Hold (Música en espera)....etc, hacen del VigorIPPPBX3510 un equipo versatil, potente y adaptable a cualquier necesidad.

Dejando a un lado las característcas de VoIP del equipo, el VigorIPPPBX3510 permite el acceso a internet combinando los anchos de banda de sus dos interfaces WAN, estos pueden ser conectados a diferentes ISPs, (DSL, Cable Momen..etc), balanceando de esta manera el tráfico hacia Internet o funcionando como fail-over.

También proporciona alta seguridad gracias a su potente Firewall, previene ataques DoS/DDoS, y las opciones URL/Web content filter, fortalecen la seguridad dentro y fuera de la red. A nivel de empresa, la opción CSM (Content Security Management) permite la gestión y el control de aplicaciones IM (Instant Messenger) y P2P (Peer to Peer) más eficiente, aumentando la productividad de sus empleados.

El VigorIPPPBX3510 cuenta con un co-procesardor dedicado para labores de VPN, de esta manera la encriptación por hardware de AES/DES/3DES y la generación de Hash SHA-1/MD5 son gestionados a la perfección, soportando así hasta 32 túneles VPN simultáneos ( IPSec/PPTP/ L2TP protocols) para tele-trabajadores y enlaces LAN-to-LAN entre oficinas, manteniendo seguras sus comunicaciones.


Technical Specifications of VigorIPPBX 3510
Hardware Interface LAN 4-port 10/100 LAN, RJ-45
WAN 2-port 10/100 WAN switch, RJ-45
USB 1-port USB host 2.0 for storage
(2-port Interface card slot)
4-port FXS module
4-port FXO module
S0/TE module *
ALL TE module *
Reset 1 Factory reset button
IP PBX Features 6 IP accounts
100 accounts (extensions)
Registration and authentication
1 levels AA
Hunting group (10)
Time Scheduling
Dial plan (digi-map)
Session monitor
Call detail records
Extension privilege assign
PIN code control
Call barring
Call routing
Call park
Call pickup
Call forwarding
Call transfer
In/Out band call through FXO interface
User defined prompts
Voice message to e-mail
Voice mail
Music on hold
1 conference bridge *
ISDN features ISDN Failover (Loop through) [available on 2 TE/NT(S0) interface module]
ISDN On-Net/Off-Net
10 MSN (Multiple Subscriber Numbers) on each ISDN S0 port for VoIP Call
Signaling compliance : ITU-T Rec. Q. 920, Q921, Q930, Q931
FAX/Modem support Tone detection
G.711 pass-through
T.38 for FAX
WAN protocol Ethernet PPPoE, PPTP, DHCP client, static IP, L2TP, BPA
ISDN DSS1 (Euro ISDN), PPP, ML-PPP(64/128Kbps)
Dual WAN Outbound policy based Load balance Allow your local network to access Internet using multiple INternet connections with high-level of Internet connectivity availability
Two dedicated Ethernet WAN ports (10/100Mb/s)
WAN fail-over or load-balanced connectivity
Bandwidth on Demand Service/IP based preference rules or auto-weight
VPN Protocols PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, L2TP over IPSec
Up to 32 sessions simultaneously LAN to LAN, remote access (teleworker-to-LAN). doa;-in or dial-out
VPN throughput 50Mbps
NAT-Traversal (NAT-T) VPN over routes without VPN pass-through
PKI certificate Digital signature (X.509)
IKE authentication Pre-shared key; IKE phase 1 aggressive/standard modes & phase 2 selectable lifetimes
Authentication Hardware-based MD5, SHA-1
Encryption MPPE and hardware-based AES/DES/3DES
RADIUS client Authentication for PPTP remote dial-in
DHCP over IPSec Because DrayTek add a virtual NIC on the PC, thus, while connecting to the server via IPSec tunnel, PC will obtain an IP address from the remote side through DHCP protocol, which is quite similar with PPTP
Dead Peer Detection (DPD) When there is traffic between the peers, it is not necessary for one peer to send a keep-alive to check for liveness of the peer because the IPSec traffic serves as implicit proof of the availability of the peer
Smart VPN software utility Provided free of charge for teleworker convenience (Windows environment)
Easy of adoption No additional client or remote site licensing required
Industrial-standard interoperability Compatible with other leading 3rd part vendor VPN devices
Content filter URL keyword blocking Whitelist and Blacklist
Java applet, cookies, active X, compressed, executable, multimedia file blocking
Web content filter Dynamic URL filtering database
Time schedule control Set rule according to your specific office hours
Firewall Stateful Packet Inspection Outgoing/Incoming traffic inspection based on connection information
Content Security Management Appliance-based gateway security and content filtering
Multi-NAT You have been allocated multiple public IP address by your ISP. You hence can have a one-to-one relationship between a public IP address and an internal/private IP address. This means that you have the protection of NAT (see earlier) but the PC can be addressed directly from the outside world by its aliased public IP address, but still by only opening specific ports to it (for example TCP port 80 for an http/web server)
Port redirection The packet is forwarded to a specific local PC if the port number matches with the defined port number. You can also translate the external port to another port locally
Open ports As port redirection (above) but allows you to defined a range of ports
DMZ host This opens up a single PC completely. All incoming packets will be forwarded onto the PC with the local IP address you set. The only exceptions are packets received in response to outgoing requests from other local PCs or incoming packets which match rules in the other two methods.
The precedence is as follows : Port Redirection > Open Ports > DMZ
Policy-based IP packet filter The header information of an IP packet (IP or Mac source/destination addresses; source/destination ports DiffServ attribute; direction dependent, bandwidth dependent, remote-site dependent
DoS/DDoS prevention Act of preventing customers, users, clients or other computer from accessing data on a computer
IP address anti-spoofing Source IP address check on all interface: only IP addresses classified within the defined IP networks are allowed
Object-based firewall Utilizes object-oriented approach to firewall policy
Notification E-mail alert and logging via syslog
Bind IP to MAC address Flexible DHCP with 'IP-MAC binding'
WDS security The us of authentication and encryption techniques on a Wireless Distribution System (WDS) link between compatible access points
System management Web-based user interface (HTTP/HTTPS) Integrated web server for the configuration of routers via Internet browsers with HTTP or HTTPS
DrayTek's Quick Start Wizard Let administrator adjust time zone and promptly set up the Internet (PPPoE, PPTP, Static IP, DHCP)
User administration RADIUS user administration for dial-in access (PPP/PPTP and ISDN CLIP)
CLI (Command Line Interface, Telnet/SSH) Remotely administer computers via the telnet
DHCP client/relay/server Provides an easy-to configure function for your local IP network
Dynamic DNS When you connect to your ISP, by broadband or ISDN you are normally allocated an dynamic IP address. i.e. the public IP address your router is allocated changes each time you connect to the ISP. If you want to run a local server, remote users cannot predict your current IP address to find you
Administration access control The password can be applied to authentication of administrators
Configuration backup/restore If the hardware breaks down, you can recover the failed system within an acceptable time. Through TFTP, the effective way is to backup and restore configuration between remote hosts.
Port-based VLAN Create separate groups of users via segmenting each of the Ethernet ports. Hence, they can or can't communicate with users in other segments, as required
Built-in diagnostic function Dial-out trigger, routing table, ARP cache table, DHCP table, NAT sessions table, wireless VLAN online station table, data flow monitor, traffic graph, ping diagnosis, trace route
NTP client/call scheduling The Vigor has real time clock which can update itself from your browser manually or more conveniently automatically from an Internet time server (NTP). This enables you to schedule the router to dial-out to the Internet at a preset time, or restrict Internet access to certain hours. A schedule can also be applied to LAN-to-LAN profiles (VPN or direct dial) or some of the content filtering options
Firmware upgrade via TFTP/HTTP/FTP Using the TFTP server and the firmware upgrade utility software, you man easily upgrade to the latest firmware whenever enhanced features are added
ISDN remote maintenance The system manager can remotely manage the routers through an ISDN remote dial-in with secure call back mechanism
Remote maintenance With Telnet/SSL, SSH (with password or public key), browser (HTTP/HTTPS), TFTP or SNMP, firmware upgrade via HTTP/HTTPS of TFTP
Wake on LAN A PC on LAN can be woken up from an idle/stand by state by the router it connects when it receives a special 'wake up' packet on its Ethernet interface
Logging via syslog Syslog is a method of logging router activity
SNMP management SNMP management via SNMP v2, MIB II
Bandwidth management Traffic shaping Dynamic bandwidth management with IP traffic shaping
Bandwidth reservation Reserve minimum and maximum bandwidths by connection based or total data through send/receive directions
Packet size control Specify size of data packet
DiffServ codepoint classifying Priority queuing of packets based on DiffServ
4 Priority levels (Inbound/Outbound) Prioritization in terms of Internet usage
Individual IP bandwidth/session limitation Defined session/bandwidth limitation based on IP address
Bandwidth borrowing Transmission rates control of data services through packet scheduler
User-defined class-based rules More flexibility
Routing functions Router IP and NetBIOS/IP-multi-protocol router
Advanced Routing and Forwarding Complete independent management and configuration of IP networks in the device, i.e. individual settings for DHCP, DNS, firewall, VLAN, routing, QoS etc
DNS DNS cache/proxy
DHCP DHCP client/relay/server
NTP NTP client, automatic adjustment for daylight-saving time
Policy-based Routing Based on firewall rules, certain data types are marked for specific routing, e.g. to particular remote sites or lines
Dynamic Routing It is with routing protocol of RIP v2. Learning and propagating routes; separate settings for WAN and LAN
Static Routing An instruction to re-route particular traffic through to another local gateway, instead of sending it onto the Internet with the rest of the traffic. A static route is just like a 'diversion sign' on a road
Internet CSM (Content Security Management) Featuring URL keyword filtering - whitelist or blacklist specific sites or keyword in URLs
Block web sites by category (subject to subscription)
Prevent accessing of web sites by using their direct IP address (thus URLs only)
Blocking automatic download of Java applets and Active X controls
Blocking of web site cookies
Block http downloads of file types (binary, compressed, multimedia)
Time schedules & exclusions for enabling/disabling these restrictions
Block P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file sharing programs (e.g. Kazaa, WinMX etc.)
Block Instant messaging programs (e.g. IRC, MSN/Yahoo Messenger)
USB File system Support FAT32/FAT16 file system
Support FTP function for file sharing
Support Samba for file sharing
Voice mail backup
3.5G as backup
Support Warranty 2-year limited warranty, technical support through e-mail and Internet FAQ/Application Notes
Firmware Upgrade Free Firmware upgrade form Internet
Declaration of Conformity
Temperature Operating : 0°C ~ 45°C
Storage : -25°C ~ 70°C
Humidity 10% ~ 90% ( non-condensing )
Max. Power 40W
Dimension L443 * W297 * H44 (mm)
Power AC 100~240V, 50~60Hz

* Firmware Upgradeable

Demo y Soporte

Desde esta página puede acceder a enlaces de interés así como a una demostración del interface WEB del router.

Demo del Interface WEB de administración del router Vigor 3510 series.

Puede navegar libremente por los menues de configuración del router. Puede que al tratarse de una demo, alguna de las funciones no se verán correctamente ó no están accesibles.

Firmware y Documentación del Vigor 3510

Desde este enlace se accede al directorio de descargas de firmware del Vigor 3510. También puede navegar por los directorios por si necesita descargarse información o firmware de otros modelos de Draytek. También encontrará un Datasheet con las características de los modelos de esta serie.

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Cost-effective extendability by integrated Analog Telephone Adapter



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